About Us

For forty years BCI has served the four-state region (AR-OK-LA-TX) with the highest standards of processes and procedures in machining, fabrication, hydraulic repair, along with an unparalleled attention to customer service. Providing these services to our national and international customers has given BCI opportunities to compete worldwide, from oil and gas to heavy industry.

But BCI is more than just a shop. With our focus on solving your problems and serving your needs, we strive to form a partnership that produces win/win results.

As a certified API / ISO facility, our certifications put action behind the aspirations.  Our customers have the assurance of knowing that when they bring something to us it will be done right, on time, no excuses.

Whether you are an old customer, a new customer or have never used our services, we invite you to come by and see where on time delivery is essential, quality is not negotiable and customer satisfaction is not taken for granted.